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A Custom Coaches CB80 bodied Scania K320UA on King William Street in September 2014
ParentKeolis Downer
FoundedApril 2000
Service areaAdelaide
Service typeBus services
Fleet79 (December 2022)[1]

SouthLink is an Australian bus service operator in Adelaide. It operates services as part of the Adelaide Metro network under contract to the Government of South Australia. It is a subsidiary of Keolis Downer.


A Volgren CR224L bodied Scania L94UB

In April 2000, SouthLink began operating the Adelaide Metro Outer South services, with 82 buses under contract to the Government of South Australia, which was won by its parent Australian Transit Enterprises[2][3][4][5]

In April 2005, SouthLink began operating the Outer North contract that had previously been run by Serco.[6][7]

In July 2011, SouthLink began an eight-year contract for the Outer North and Outer South areas, with an optional four-year extension exercisable based upon performance criteria. It also began operating the Hills area services that had been operated by Transitplus.[8][9][10]

In March 2015, its parent Australian Transit Enterprises was bought by Keolis Downer. SouthLink was reorganised as a subsidiary of Keolis Downer.

In July 2020, SouthLink's Outer South and Outer North bus contracts were taken over by Torrens Transit and Busways respectively, while retaining its Hills contract.[11] As of March 2020, SouthLink is bidding to operate Adelaide's metropolitan train network.


As at December 2022, the fleet consisted of 79 buses.[1]


SouthLink operate depots in Aldgate and Mount Barker.[12]

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